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RESH-Liberia Trains Bosh Bosh Volunteers

In our earnest quest to proactively implement the fourth pillar (capacity building) of RESH-Liberia service provision, RESH-Liberia successfully concluded a three-day psychosocial support workshop for Bosh Bosh in Salala, Bong County.

Bosh Bosh Incorporated a local non-profit organization located in Salala, Bong County, was established in 2012 to support and promote girls education in rural Liberia through the production of locally sewed items.

According to Bosh Bosh President Yamah Zawu, the organization can only expand its mission and vision with the aid of the government and several international and local NGOs. She explained that, the NGO started paying school fees for adolescent girls in the county since its establishment, through the financial help of the institution CEO Charlene Espinoza.

She added that, personal funds was not sufficient, and they needed to continue with the initiative for the girls, noting that she (Madam Zawu) and the CEO thought it wise to start creating and making locally made clothes, bags and other items, which she said is being sold at hotels and other business areas for generating more money for the scholarship program.

Madam Zawu pointed out that, the funds received from sales are not enough to pay the girls school fees and also buy materials for production, in this light, she is calling on government especially the Ministry of Gender to provide them some financial aid.

She however noted that, Bosh Bosh is now sponsoring twenty (20) school going girls and have seven already graduated from senior high school through the scholarship program, and is working tirelessly to ensure more girls are in school through the scholarship program in Bong County.

Speaking at the end of a three-day psychosocial support training conducted by Renewed Energy Serving Humanity (RESH-Liberia), Madam Zawu urged her teachers, producers and some local dwellers who attended the training to maximize the knowledge and skills acquired because the society depends on them. She also cautioned them to report to the organization, the community leaders and stakeholders any form of violence that they may face.

"Do not be afraid to speak out if you are abused by anyone, if you do not report it, you may experience a silent trauma that could cause you low performances in whatever you do" she lamented.

Yamah Zawu made the assertion at a three day psychosocial training for the organization staffs, producers and local dwellers on Thursday in Salala Bong County.

For his part, the Executive Director of the psychosocial counselling organization (RESH-Liberia), Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr. pointed out that his organization was established on the basis of serving humanity through its earnest deeds.

He also said that, his institution is always willing and ready to conduct trainings for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

"Our society is speedily getting infested with so many traumatized people, some of them are traumatized as the result of our civil war; others are being traumatized by sexual exploitation and abuse; moral decadence has begotten the astronomical rise of addiction to harmful substances. Now is the time that we all work to speedily mitigate these traumatic odds that have engulfed our society; the provision and funding of psychosocial support entities like RESH-Liberia will redeem our country”, Smith stressed.

Also speaking, one of the beneficiaries of the Bosh Bosh scholarship initiative, Vivian Tengbeh said that, the NGO is a heaven sent to the people of Salala, adding since her encounter with its President and CEO in 2012, she and six other girls were fully supported through the institution scholarship program till they graduated from senior high school.

She said that, she is now volunteering her service to the organization through tailoring noting that the money from sales of items is being used to sponsor other school going kids and also carry out some developmental projects in the district.

Vivian Tengbeh who lauded the efforts and expertise of RESH-Liberia for empowering the Bosh Bosh scholars, their parents, community leaders and dwellers did ask Director Smith to organize periodic trainings in Salala for the entre district. She called on other young Liberian girls to take education very serious, adding it is the only way to a successful life.

Bosh Bosh CEO Charlene Espinoza expressed her profound gratitude to RESH-Liberia for the very innovative and resourceful three-day workshop and declared her willingness to support a RESH/Bosh Bosh Collaboration.

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