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Jessi Hanson's Ph.D Research Team:RESH-Liberia

At RESH-Liberia, a local

psychosocial support-based NGO in Paynesville,Liberia,

research is the fifth of its five (5) pillars of service provision. In our quest to foster this resourceful pillar,the Renewed Energy Serving Humanity (RESH-Liberia) and Jessi Hanson, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public & International Affairs and a seasoned humanitarian servant with wealth of experience in working in Liberia assiduously embarked upon a collaboration several months ago. The rigourous planning of the aforementioned has given birth to a resourecful partnership geared towards providing Jessi Hanson the requiste supports to conduct her dissertation titled: Effects of Education and Modernity on Child Sexual Protection of Girls in Liberia.

For the past days,Jessi Hanson has been training a well vetted and selected data collection team. All of the fifteen(15) members of the data collection team are RESH-trained social workers and university students studying social sciences. The motivated volunteers bring passion and experience to this laudable endeavors. Their very intensive training package will be buttressed by ongoing training and mentoring support services spanning three months.

RESH Research Team & Jessi

The team of fifteen (15) data collectors will be assigned in designated communities in Montserrado County

conducting surveys with young women and their parents or guardians and,be supervised by RESH research professionals. As an ethical norm,the data collectors will be formally introduced to their assigned communities' leadership by RESH and Ms.Hanson,thereby enhancing smooth community entry which promotes partnership. This research is University of Liberia PIRE IRB approved.The UL PIRE-IRB is the legal body authorized to evaluate,approve, and monitor standardized research to protect citizens significantly against abuse especially after the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia.

This exercise, now in its pilot phase,in conformity with best practice,employs the services of Liberian professionals to collect data to minimize potential reporting bias, harness the team and interviewees cultural heritage. And, above all else, Liberianizes this research.

Diligently Giving Back to Humanity Through our Earnest Actions and Deeds-RESH!

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