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RESH Trains Ebola Survivors Association of Liberia


In our earnest quest to assiduously give back to humanity, the Renewed Energy Serving Humanity-RESH, through her General Coordinator Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr. today at the Keneja Resorts near Monrovia provided for members and guests of the Ebola Survivors Association of Liberia-ESAL two resourceful lectures titled:

1. Introduction to Counseling Skills for Working With Ebola Victims & Survivors: An Imperative Art for Serving Humanity. 2. Appreciating Your Uniqueness to Defeat Stigmatization. The aims of the presentations is gear towards getting the Champions/Survivors: -Understand the Philosophy and Psychology of Psychosocial Counseling -Understand and Identify Vicarious Trauma, Its symptoms and Effects -Identify Stimuli of Vicarious Trauma -Prepare and Implement Schemes Relative to Building a Team Support Network Against Vicarious Trauma -Acquire Basic Skills for Psychosocial Supports in Ebola Related Counseling -Appreciating Their Uniqueness to Defeat Stigmatization At the end of his presentation,RESH General Coordinator Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr. pledged RESH's support to ESAL relative to partnership and collaboration. Also in attendance at the workshop was Dr. Philip Zochonis Ireland a Champion/survivor himself . Dr. Ireland serves as a member of RESH's Advisory Board. Dr. Ireland also give an emotional briefing on his Ebola historicity and ordeal. He highlighted the essence of quality psychosocial support in our fight against Ebola. He used his encounter with RESH in his Ebola Treatment Unit as a case study to point out the cardinal part psychosocial support/counseling played in his recovery from the deadly Ebola Virus Disease. On his part Mr. Korlie Bonarwolo, the President of ESAL profoundly thanked RESH for speedily honoring their impromptu and professionally expounding and dissecting the two essential themes. Members and guests present at the workshop applauded RESH's fervent efforts to diligently contribute her quota in this unprecedented fight against Ebola.

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