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RESH-Liberia Welcomes Her Newest Foreign Consultant (Volunteer)

In her usual warm and receptive mood, the Board of Directors, officials,staffers, and volunteers of the Renewed Energy Serving Humanity (RESH-Liberia) joyously hosted a welcome reception for our newest volunteer Ms. Alexis McAllister; a self-motivated and selfless American.

Alexis, a University of Pittsburgh-trained international developer, social servant and public manager comes to RESH-Liberia with wealth of experience in the following areas:

➢ Event planning and logistics

➢ Extensive teaching skills

➢ Exceptional writing and editing skills ➢ Healthcare and human services

➢ Community development & engagement

➢ Adaptive and collaborative leadership

Alexis who speedily took out time to meet her RESH colleagues,expressed her profound gratitude to the RESH-Liberia Family for the overwhelming and colorful reception accorded at the airport and climaxed at RESH-Liberia's Headquarters on the Duport Road, Paynesville,Liberia.

As a tradition, RESH-Liberia usually bestow upon our foreign volunteers traditional Liberian names; Alexis was named Krubo. Krubo is a native name meaning "leader" among the Lormas of West-northern Liberia.

It's our earnest desire to give her all the requisite supports as we passionately and jointly serve Humanity.

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