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Your donations will make a difference. They will be used to support community training events, transportation for counselors to visit clients, financial and material support for clients who are trying to rebuild their lives, technology to support phone counseling, and basic office space so that RESH will be able to store equipment and supplies. 


If you're in the US: You can donate for these expenses by giving to the RESH Liberia GoFundMe page hosted by Sherri Vance. She sends funds donated through this site every month to the RESH office. When a US nonprofit is formed to support RESH, we will add a PayPal link and you'll be able to get a tax deduction for your donations.


If you're in Liberia: Contact us to provide a donation directly to the RESH organization; this is more efficient as it eliminates the 7% charged by the Gofundme site to manage donations. If you are an MTN Communications subscriber,you can also donate cash to RESH via the MTN Lone Star Cell Mobile Money System. Our Mobile Money account is our office number +231-886-336-794.

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