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RESH Graduates Champions Trained in Soap Making

The Renewed Energy Serving Humanity-RESH on last Friday graduated her first batch of forty (40) Champions (EVD Survivors) being trained under the auspice of the RESH-Liberia/SoapBox Soap Life Skills Enhancement Pilot Project.

Giving the historicity of RESH and the RESH-Liberia/SoapBox Soap Pilot Project, Mr.Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr. the Founder and Executive Director of RESH-Liberia re-emphasized RESH's commitment to her holistic psychosocial support services provision. He elaborated that during August thru September 2014 when RESH through him chose to have entered the ELWA Ebola Treatment Unit headed by Dr. Jerry Browne in an earnest quest to provide life saving psychosocial support talks to Ebola victims,it was based upon RESH's vision to diligently give back to humanity.He asserted that when RESH initiated tele-counseling ( psychosocial counseling via phone) in Liberia for the first time during the Ebola crisis,it was also a RESH vision to connect Ebola victims in the ETUs with their families and friends for external psychosocial supports. Tele-counseling was also firstly used in Liberia to support quarantined Liberian health workers through individual and group therapies, Mr. Smith with a smile reiterated. He concluded by saying RESH services go beyond the Ebola Treatment Units into every communities and deepest into every troubled hearts.

Speaking on the theme "Being Included", the motivational speaker of the ceremony,Mrs. Blakie Browne Doe encouraged the graduates to consider themselves as precious jewels distinct and set apart for greatness. She admonished them of the odds of stigmatization,criticism,resentment and weak-will power as stumbling blocks which they must overcome to reach the fullness of their God-given potentials. She reminded the Champions( all females) that the bedrock of the development of every family and, eventually a nation significantly depends upon the women.

Certificating the Champions, Hon. Richard Fatorma Ngafuan ( RESH-Acting Board Chairman) challenged the Champions to use their acquired skills to buttress and improve their lives and those of many. He stressed the need for gender equity in regards to enrolling male champions in our future life skills enhancement projects.

The Champions expressed profound gratitude to RESH-Liberia and SoapBox Soap for the privilege extended them to build their capacity thereby fostering self reliance. They appealed to the management of RESH-Liberia,her partner SoapBox Soap, international NGOs and donors, and all well meaning Liberians and friends from afar to do all they can to make the life skills enhancement project a longer and sustainable one.

In her vote of thanks,RESH-Liberia Program/Project Director Mrs. Prisie J. Badu did assure the Champions and mankind of RESH's commitment to scouting for opportunities geared towards improving humanity and upholding human values and integrity.

It's expected that the second phase of the RESH-Liberia/SoapBox Soap Life Enhancement Project will kick off soon.

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