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RESH-Liberia/SoapBox Soap Partnership

Today, the Renewed Energy Serving Humanity-RESH in collaboration with SoapBox Soaps in accordance with the WHO Hygiene Protocol donated thousands bars of detergent-soaps and illustratively taught the kids to safely wash their hands relative to WHO Protocol at two schools in less privileged communities in Fiamah,Monrovia, Liberia...

It might interest you to know that the donated bars of detergent soaps were manufactured by forty (40) CHAMPIONS (RESH nomenclature for EVD survivors) recruited and trained by RESH in partnership with SoapBox Soap during our just ended six-month skills training pilot project...We also graciously donated playing kits and toys....

Tomorrow,we be visiting,donating, and demonstrating at two schools in the Red Light and Duport Road Communities..

Only the average selfless Liberians can make Mama Liberia a cheerful and peaceful place for our Precious Jewels/our kids.....

God bless the Renewed Energy Serving Humanity-RESH Family,kudos to SoapBox Soaps for believing in RESH-Liberia...

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