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RESH and SGI Sign PSychosocial Supports MOU With Lower Margibi

After long arrangements and fervent preparations, Renewed Energy Serving Humanity-RESH, the Sengbe Group Incorporated-SGI, and the people and leadership of the Lower Margibi ( Boys' Town Community and its environs) last Thursday, 19th March 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The very symbolic signing ceremony took place less than fifty (50) feet away from the Indian owned crematorium which was used to cremate Ebola related dead.

The signed MOU which is psychosocial support based, empowers RESH & SGI to conduct a comprehensive biosocial survey/assessment of the communities' inhabitants and the crematorium volunteers, and provide for them psychosocial support related services (psychotherapeutic). The project which initial six month phase costs approximately two hundred thousand United States dollars (US$200,000.00) comprises of sensitization, assessments/surveys, refresher trainings, individual and group counseling and therapy sessions, large and small group activities, advocacy, referrals, research, and inclusive collaboration and networking with viable partners. The beneficiaries are exempted from paying in any form of cash for the proposed provided services.

The Boys' Town Community located along the Marshall Territory main highway in Lower Margibi was name after a famous mission school which was used to train and rehabilitate young boys who were considered juvenile delinquent. The earmarked areas is home to approximately twenty thousand residents. And hosts the Edward B. Kesselly Military Barrack, Liberia's biggest and most functional military facility.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ernest Garnark Smith, Jr. the Executive Director of RESH emphatically stressed that this time in his generation the ordinary Liberians must say no to neglect of psychological scars. Mr. Smith who took out time to adequately explain to the communities' dwellers (who are mostly Bassonians) in his native Bassa vernacular the consequences of the ignoring psychological wounds.

Mr. Smith further expressed RESH and SGI profound thanks and appreciations to the courageous inhabitants who despite enduring some of the most horrific scenes in our national history, brave the storms of stigmatization and several odds to muster the courage to invite RESH and SGI to provide the professional services needed to enhance their recovery via the therapeutic path.....

The project's lead therapist, Dr. W. Kpangbala Sengbe, Sr. meticulously give the historicity of the project, its essence and earmarked methodology and reassured the people of Margibi that come rain or shine the collaboration will surely keep out because the psychology of our people is the bedrock of our national development.

On his part, the community's innovative and proactive chairman Mr. Tibelrosa S. Tarponweh in a jubilant mood lauded the sacrificial efforts of RESH and SGI for their patriotic gesture to the people of Lower Margibi and Mama Liberia at large. He reassured the groups of the communities' unwavering supports all through the implementation of the project.

RESH and SGI salute the efforts of our able volunteers; the press, and everyone who believe in this humanitarian venture....We're soliciting your supports in all ramifications....

Interested donors and partners are asked to please contact us for partnership, donations and any laudable contributions.

God bless Mama Liberia; God bless the people of Lower Margibi; God bless RESH & RCI, and God bless our partners......

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