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-Giving Back To Humanity Through Our Earnest Actions & Deeds-                  

What is RESH?

RESH--Renewed Energy Serving Humanity--is a Liberian NGO that supports victims, survivors, their families, caregivers, communities, and people with psychosocial odds--through counseling and other psychosocial supports. We provide our services via psychosocial counseling;community awareness & sensitization;advocacy; capacity building, and research.


Mind and body go together--and emotional and spiritual supports are important in fighting trauma as medicine, and other supportive care for the body. Love, comfort, and confidence will go a long way.


We work with communities, and have partnered with entities such as UNICEF-Liberia, INCHR-LiberiaUNDP-LiberiaPlaying to Live-USASoapBox Soap,Elite Research Consultancy. Our large volunteer staff to train community members in lay trauma awareness and support; provide phone-based; in-person counseling, and help people in crisis fight stigma and re-integrate in the community.

Your donations will urgently and rightly enhance our service provisions,direct relief to clients and family members..And, build the capacity of our volunteered staffers.​

Find out how you can help and serve humanity through RESH.​

Giving Back To Humanity Through our Actions and Deeds.

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